Decorating your nursery is one of the most exciting and sometimes frustrating things to do.  You want everything to be just perfect, to create a soothing yet magazine worthy decor that your baby will wake up to and you will rock them to sleep in.  Soft plush rugs, the perfect crib, that adorable decor piece that you designed the whole room around.  When I was designing my youngest sons nursery I was out of ideas.  As the fourth child, I was completely through all my favorite themes and just didn’t want the same old theme.

I was thrilled to come across Project Nursery that is jammed packed with actual community submitted nurseries, toddler rooms, party themes….I advise to grab a cup of coffee (decaf if your still pregnant 🙂 and settle in, you are going to be on their site for a while!  The really cool thing is that each post gives links as to where the products were purchased, which is so helpful when you have so many other things to worry about.  The gorgeous photos alone are enough to keep me browsing through the site.  Don’t miss the DIY section, as well as the adorable food and recipe section with cute snacks and even baby food recipes!

They now also sell some of their favorite items, wall decor, paint, rugs, bedding…they even have their own line! Amazing to see how they have grown and I promise, a trip to their site will not disappoint.

Project Nursery also has a Gift Registry!

Create a gift list and share your single registry now!


Have you been shopping on Ebay lately?  If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you are a savvy shopper!  If the answer is no then you are in for a treat.  Ebay has transformed over the years from a “garage sale auction site” to a one stop shop for clothing, home goods, pet care, sporting equipment…you can even buy a car, boat and vacations on Ebay!  Full disclosure, I have been a EBAY Top Rated seller for many years and will be posting more on this subject, including how to source and sell money making items.

The changes in Ebay have been significant over the years, phasing out most “Auction” style listings as the need for Buy It NOW has risen with consumers.  Here are a few of the best features of Ebay and how you can use them to buy what you need while saving money:

1- Ebay accounts are free to open and maintain.  You do not need a Paypal account to process a credit card payment, rather can enter your card details on a secure EBAY page with the option of opening a PayPal account at the end.  Using a Buy It Now item and do not want an Ebay account?  Just check out as a guest (you will not be able to bid on auctions or leave feedback with this option)

2- Always check Ebay’s home page in their sliding banners, as there is usually a coupon code.  Today’s deal is 20% off select items so it is worth checking out!  They also send random coupons throughout the year for free shipping.

3- Ebay is a marketplace full of thousands of individual sellers that just may have what you need.  The Ebay community is very friendly and these sellers are motivated to assist you to get the sale, so do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions.  You never know what a seller may have or be able to get for you.

4- Do not miss their DAILY DEAL page, located at the top left of every page.  Deep discounts can be found on everyday items and closeouts.  Be sure to check in the listing for condition and description.

5- Utilize their expansive filters in each listing to find your item, new or used, location of item, sizes and so much more.  Guaranteed delivery is a newer option that allows you to choose the number of days you need it delivered in and then shows which sellers are participating.  Not delivered in time?  Just notify Ebay and you will get your shipping refunded.  How easy is that!  They are also beta testing free 30 day returns right now in about a dozen categories so be sure to see if that is offered to you as well.

One thing I can promise you is that if you spend more than a few minutes browsing around Ebay, you will be sure to fall in love with something that you just must have.  Thank goodness for the Buy it NOW!!




As a working mom of four, the ease and convenience of having groceries delivered directly to me sounds like a dream come true.  More time at home with my family, taking care of other chores and maybe even having a little “me time” is well worth the $14.99 monthly fee.  Here is an opportunity to Try AmazonFresh Free Trial for 30 days – and here are the details:

  1.  You must have a Prime membership – if you do not, this offer will automatically sign you up for a free 30 day Amazon Prime membership as well.  Both can be cancelled at the end of the trial or after the trial period, Fresh membership is $14.99 per month and Prime membership is $12.99 for monthly plan.
  2. Take advantage of Prime Pantry – think boxed snacks, heavy detergent and other bulky items like paper towels and toilet paper – and save $6 with orders over $50.
  3. Take advantage of their onsite coupons, links to sale items are right on the Amazon Fresh homepage and the savings apply right to your cart.
  4. Set your own delivery time to your schedule, and enjoy the temperature controlled packaging in case you are not there to receive your items.
  5. There is a 30 day return policy as well as excellent dedicated customer support that will assist you with any issues with your delivery or items.
  6. In our opinion, if you spend over $50 weekly on groceries and can use some extra time in your life, then this Try AmazonFresh Free Trial is worth checking out!

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